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painter, illustrator, designer
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Welcome to my website!

Sooyoung LEE

Hi, I'm Sooyoung LEE, a korean-french artist
who works at my own studio in Bordeaux, France.

I like exploring new contemporary art ideas so that I can deliver interesting artworks that people can enjoy.

Through painting and illustration, I am focused on creating colorful works showcasing my feelings, thoughts, and observations.

I photograph people, monuments, buildings, trees, animals, illustrations, and everything that pleases me. Then I choose elements in these photos and draws them on paper, in pencil. I Iwork a lot on composition between my different subjects.
Nothing is defined in advance.
A little like children play with Lego blocks, it composes its elements impulsively without having the final result in mind. I like this unreality, illogical and instantaneous.
My projects have always been grounded in pleasure and aesthetics.

My work has been shown in France and in South Korea.

Follow me on instagram @artsooloda
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